About Us

We Believe

Caring about people is at the heart of leading organizational change. (photo: Anna Kolosyuk)

We believe that caring about people is at the heart of leading organizational change. And that means making sure people know why they have to make the change in the first place. Then we help them figure out what they need to do differently and equip them to be successful. We see clearly the positive correlation between preparation and change success. Change Leadership (or Change Management, as some call it) does not guarantee the happiness of those who must make the change. What it can promise is that people are ready, during and after the change happens.

Some people ask us why we use the words Change Leadership instead of Change Management, Transformation, and myriad other terms. The answer is simple: Change Leadership is a proactive approach, reaching out to people to lead them through preparing for change, no matter how big or small. And at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what you call it as long as you do it!

Our Founder

Erika Mookerjie organizational change leadership management facilitation coaching

Hi there! I'm Erika Mookerjie. I've spent more than 25 years helping my clients figure out what to do during change. I work with C-level and senior executives so they understand their role in change and the specific actions they must take to be successful. Mid-level managers also have a critical role to play. I help them recognize their feelings about the change and what they can do to be more effective in getting their own teams ready. I also work directly with front-line employees who often just want to know what they have to do differently in their jobs, how to do it and why.

While I know the lingo of consulting and the world of change, I prefer clarity even more. Finding ways to make change leadership come alive and make sense for everyone is what gets me up in the morning. I can't wait to meet you and hear what you are working on.

Why Us?

Change Leadership requires strong partnership to manage change and prepare people for the journey.

Partnership is key. Whether you’re seeking help to develop an organizational change strategy or want a day-to-day partner in making your preparations come to life, contact us today. Change Leadership Advisors works with you to create a solution that makes sense for your people, your culture and the change you are making. Send us a note, tell us about your change and let's start talking.

We Are Local

Change Leadership Advisors is a proud Peachtree Corners, GA business 

serving clients in the Atlanta and the North Metro Atlanta areas.